About Us - an overview of SafeZone

SafeZone is a brand of Inventis Technology's 'Wireless Warning Solutions' group.

SafeZone specialises in wireless warning beacon (flashing light) solutions and wireless vehicle detection systems for road and rail applications. We're pioneering the development and deployment of low cost, wireless solutions for railway crossings, pedestrian crossings and other public and private road applications; anywhere that hazards need to be made more obvious in order to deliver the improved response times required to avoid them.

SafeZone was launched in 2007, following 'proof of concept trials' that showed the viability of our wireless repeater  technology and the greater effectiveness of in-road warning lights when combined with road-side warning lights. The inherent ability of our systems to heighten driver and pedestrian awareness of hazards AS WELL AS to lower costs, coupled with the inherent benefits of wireless technologies, are helping our customers deliver more effective solutions faster and for less cost.

All in all, our wireless solutions are delivering the increased  levels of modularity, scalability, flexibility and effectiveness that road, rail and premises safety groups are looking for.

If your job is ensuring improved safety outcomes on your work site, or addressing pedestrian or driver safety issues in your community, then SafeZone is a name you should know.

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SafeZone Solutions: innovative, wireless Advance Visual Warning Solutions

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