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Wireless Railway Crossing ('WRX') System

Imagine a railway level crossing warning solution that was more easily seen, in any weather, in any terrain, well in advance of the crossing. Imagine one that delivered more effective warnings and more reliably made drivers slow down and stop. Imagine a system that could be deployed in only days, at a fraction of the cost of boom gates or alternate treatments. Imagine a system that also included not just the warning signs, flashing beacons and remote management, but also added train detection systems that were also cheaper and easier to install than traditional systems.

The SafeZone 'WRX' - or the 'Wireless Railway Crossing' - System delivers all those things, and more.

SafeZone 'WRX' is a modular approach to improving railway level crossing safety by making crossings far more visible to drivers approaching them. It integrates wireless warning beacons, as well as wireless activation systems (sucg as radar) to deliver more timely and more effective warnings to drivers that a crossing is active.

And because it's a completely wireless system, it's faster to deploy, easier to expand, and FAR CHEAPER than alternate hard-wired warning systems.

Ideal for remote rural locations, whether as a stand alone system or to supplement existing treatments, a WRX System can be customised to include:

  • Wireless active (flashing) Advance Warning Signs
    (ie 'RX-11 type' flashing signs, 200-300 metres in advance of the crossing, to provide ADVANCE warnings)
  • Wireless active (flashing) In-Road Warning Lights
    (in the road between the Advance Signs and the crossing itself, to REITERATE the advance warnings in teh event the Advance Signs were not seen)
  • Wireless active (flashing) Wigwags
    (ie, 'RX-5 type' flashing signs at the crossing, as a final warning) 
  • Wireless Train Detection Radar
    (positioned along the track on either side of the level crossing, in place of hard-wired, expensive, track circuit/train detection systems)

Not only is WRX a highly flexble approach to improving railway crossing safety, it's a far faster and far cheaper system to deploy.

The ability to integrate with existing train detection systems (supplied by others), together with 'smart' wireless network controls and remote monitoring capabilities, makes SafeZone an incredibly better value for money proposition than traditional 'hard wired, externally powered' systems.

Better advance warnings for less cost. It's a simple value proposition.


  • speedier installation than traditional hard-wired systems
  • modular approach allows customisation to suit site-specific needs
  • overall lower cost - as little as 10% of a traditional boom gate solution, yet far more effective at delivering more obvious advance warnings
  • expandable: add IRADs, additional AAWSs or WiWAGs as required at any time

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